Trade Union Registration @ Rs. 10,000/-only with Advisor Daddy.

List of documents & Information required for Trade Union Registration

What we Provide

  • Registration Certificate
  • PAN Card- Union
  • MOA & Bylaws
  • TAN 
  • Bank Account
  • Consultancy

Documents required

  • Name of The Trade Union
  • Objectives of the Trade Union
  • Aadhaar Card- 7 members Minimum
  • Address Proof (Electricity Bill along with NOC from Landlord)
  • List of Governing Body & Office Bearers with Designations
  • Form-A
  • Affidavits 

Trade Union Registration In India- Overview

Trade unions are basically an association of Workers who work for social welfare of Workers engage in Factories for Daily Wage . Due to various social and economic Changes it became necessary for the Workers to devise effective means to deal with the employers in the form of trade unions.
Deteriorating economic conditions and low wages resulted in further growth of the trade unions.


FAQ Regarding Registration of Trade Union India

Below is me mention the FAQ for Helping the Better Understanding of Trade Union Registration & Compliance.

  • Question :1 How can a Trade Union be started and registered?: Any group of nine or more persons can form a Trade Union. However no Trade Union of the workmen shall be registered unless at least 100% or 100, whichever is less, persons engaged or employed in the Establishment or industry with which it is connected are the members of such trade union on the date of making of application for registration. The minimum age limit for membership of a Trade Union is 15 years unless the rules of a particular trade union provide for higher age limit. However for being an office bearer the person has to be above 18 years of age.
  • What documents Required for application for registration?:   (a) Form-A (b) Aadhar Card- 9 members (c) Electricity Bill Along with NOC from Landlord (d) Statement of Assets & Liability if the Union is already in Existing more than 1 Year
  • When can a registration be cancelled / withdrawn?: (a) When Application Made by Trade Union in Writing to Registrar for Cancellation of Registration. (b) On satisfaction of the Registrar that the certificate has been obtained by fraudulent means or mistake or that Trade Union has ceased to exist or has willfully and after notice from the Registrar contravened any provision of the Trade Unions Act, 1926 or allowed any rule to continue in force which is inconsistent with any such provision or has rescinded any rule providing any matter provision for which is required by Law. The Registrar has to provide not less than two months notice previous in writing specifying the ground on which it is proposed to withdraw or cancel the certificate, before actually withdrawing or canceling the certificate.
  • Where does the appeal against an order of cancellation lie?: Any person aggrieved by any refusal of Registrar to register a Trade Union or by the withdrawal or cancellation of certificate of registration may, file an appeal before the Industrial Tribunal/ Labour Court in case of non registration/cancellation of registration.
  • Requirements for continued registration of a Trade Union ?: (i) A registered trade union of workmen shall at all times continue to have not less than 10% or 100 of the workmen, whichever is less, subject to a minimum of 7 persons engaged or employed in the Establishment or industry with whichever it is connected, as its members.
    (ii) All office bearers of a registered trade union except not more than one third of the total numbers of office bearers or five, whichever is less, shall be persons actually engaged or employed in the Establishment or Industry with which trade union is connected.
  • Objectives on which the Funds of a Trade Union can be spent?: General funds can be spent on :
    (i) Salaries and administrative expenses of of Trade Union
    (ii) Expenses relating to disputes and litigation for the Trade Union
    (iii) Compensation and allowance to members and dependants for losses arising out of trade disputes and old age and sickness etc. and for education and social or religious benefits
    (iv) Furtherance of other objectives of the Trade Union etc.

Structure For Starting A New Trade Union In India

structure for starting a new Trade Union in India typically includes the following positions:

  1. President: The President is the head of the Union and presides over meetings of the members and the executive committee.

  2. Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for maintaining records, correspondence, and other documents of the Union, and for giving notice of meetings.

  3. Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of the Union and for keeping accurate records of all financial transactions.

  4. Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is responsible for the overall management and administration of the Union, and is typically made up of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as other members elected by the general membership.

  5. General Membership: The General Membership consists of all members of the Union who are eligible to vote and participate in the Union’s activities.

It is important to note that the specific organizational structure may vary depending on the nature and size of the club, and that the structure should be clearly outlined in the club’s constitution or bylaws.